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Flex N Tone Gym in the UK

Flex ‘N’ Tone

Flex ‘N’ Tone first opened in 1984 and is located in Manchester, UK. It’s an old school bodybuilding and athletes gym where profiles such as Dorian Yates, Branch Warren and Lennox Lewis. The building is a converted old mill and still has the original brick walls, the loading hatches which they now use to get the gym machines in the gym which is on the third floor.

Type: Professional gym

Gymleco gym equipment at Flex ‘N’ Tone


Gymleco has four gym machines at Flex ‘N’ Tone which is quite exeptional since they’ve never bought any newly produced gym machines before Gymleco. Previosuly they’ve only bought used machines with old school details such as chains. They are also ordering more machines from us so soon you can train with even more Gymleco machines at this fantastic gym.

Today they have the biceps machine (art. nr. 350), the pendulum squat (art.nr. 045), the adjustable pec fly (art.nr. 023) and the belt squat (art.nr. 082).