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Iron Cave

A modern training facility in the middle of central Karlshamn that opened its doors in early 2020.

They offer their members a unique training environment with an industrial feel while infusing a warm family atmosphere.

Owner Tolga Mol explains that the idea has always been to: “Offer a complete gym where members can practice all different forms of strength training”.

Type: Professional gym

More about the gym

Iron Cave is fully equipped with Gymleco’s gym machines and training equipment. They offer a wide variety of training to their members. Everything from gym machines and free weights to barbell training and strongman/strongwoman. Iron Cave differs in that way. Not only that, they also have plenty of space for functional training and an outdoor gym.

A facility that simply has everything you can think of in the way of training and thanks to Gymleco’s space-saving machines and equipment, Tolga further explains that the gym has an open feeling even with their large selection.