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Moumo klättercenter Skrapan

Moumo Climbing Center

Muomo is a unique climbing center that offers bouldering, yoga and gym and Gymleco was chosen to supply all the training equipment for the gym section.

Moumo has three floors of climbing, a yoga studio, restaurant, shop and a fully equipped gym from Gymleco. This unique place is located in Skrapan, in the center of Stockholm.

Their vision is to be an inspiring and inclusive place. Here can people gather regardless of experience and develop together, socialize and share their passion. A place for everyone to recharge their batteries.


Type: Boutique gym

The gym was carefully planned to fit the needs of climbers. With gym machines and training equipment that exercise the muscles needed for the sport and to prevent injury. Amongst other things the gym has Gymleco’s rubber tiles, Polyurethane dumbbells, adjustable gym benches, bumper plates, 225 cable cross. There is also a specially made rig made out of two power cages.

The gym machines that was selected for the space was 349 Leg Extension/Leg Curl, 214 Lateral Pulldown/Seated Row. Which are important muscle groups when climbing.