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PUMPHOUSE is a gym located in Oslo, Norway. This gym is a spacious 1650 square meter fitness center, equipped with a wide range of Gymleco machines and other training equipment. Established in early 2024, this gym was born from a desire to fill a void in Oslo’s fitness scene – a gym in Oslo that offers great equipment and powerlifting at the same place.

This gym is offering powerlifting equipment that is IPF standard, as well as the biggest equipment park in Olso, with an impressive collection of around 70 machines.

Type: Professional gym
Gymleco products:10+

Gymleco gym machines at PUMPHOUSE

PUMPHOUSE is a pristine facility driven by enthusiasts aiming to provide the ultimate training experience to international standards. Catering to all fitness levels, it offers a supportive and motivating environment for strength training, cardio workouts, and powerlifting. With professional trainers and a welcoming community, PUMPHOUSE Gym is dedicated to helping members achieve their fitness goals.

PUMPHOUSE strikes a balance between a hardcore atmosphere and a clean, modern aesthetic. Co-owner Marios says they choose Gymleco’s machines for their blend of quality, affordability, and space-efficient design. Furthermore, Marios says that he keeps getting excellent feeback on the machines from members.

PUMPHOUSE is equipped with a various range of Gymleco machines. Here you will for example find our popular 045 Pendulum Squat and 244 Hacklift. As well as our 326 Standing Pec Fly, 320 Incline Chest Press, and 312 Iso Lateral Low Row to name a few. Here you will find a great variation of both plated loaded and selectorized machines.