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Showroom & gym, China

The gym is modern and has a large variety of Gymleco training equipment and gym machines.  Professional bodybuilders frequently visiting the gym to learn more about Gymleco’s gym equipment.
Some of our exercise machines that you can find here:

Standing chest press Beltsquat #082, Hacklift #044 and our Lateral pulldown/seated row #214

Type: Corporate Gym, Professional gym
Size:240 sqm

More about the gym

In 2021, the official showroom for Gymleco opened in downtown Suzhou, near Shanghai. The 240 sqm large gym serves as a showroom for Gymleco’s products but also as a gym for daily use.

The gym is completely in Gymleco design, everything from appearance to quality in training. There are also trainers on site who help members practice the exercises correctly. The idea is that customers should have the opportunity to train in a professional way.

One of the resellers, Zijie Feng, says, “Because we have cutting-edge expertise in Gymleco’s gym equipment, we can answer all the questions and concerns that members and visitors have. In the future, they will also realize how stable and durable the gym equipment really is. ”