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SMART Hälsa Lifestyle

The gym is located in Trosa, Sweden, in airy, fresh and bright facilities. With a limited number of members, training in a quiet environment is promised. All training is pre-booked in an app, which makes it possible for members to see how many other members that are training on a specific time. Patrik Johansson and Åsa Helenefors are the owners, same as for Grand Mosebacke SMART Club in Stockholm.

SMART Club is well-planned to make training easier for its members. For example, their machine park is carefully thought out to provide a full body workout by using all gym machines 2-3 laps.

Location:Trosa / Sweden
Type: Boutique gym

More about the gym:

The gym has several cardio machines that face the window and street outside. Behind the cardio there’s a wall that separates the free weight part from the cardio and part of the machine park. As mentioned above, the gym is well planned so that it’s easy to get through a full body workout.

Amongst others, Patrik and Åsa chose the following gym machines: 

#226 Dual Adjustable Pulley, #214 Lateral Pulldown/Seated Row, #330 Shoulder press, #321 Chest press, # 343 Leg press, #341 Leg Curl Seated and #365 Lumbar/Abdominal combi machine. All are easy to understand so that anyone can perform the exercise.