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Solace Fitness

With extraordinary details in its interior, Solace Fitness is an inspiring training environment. The gym is located in Switzerland and opened in 2021.

It has a strength machine zone, a functional training zone, free weight zone and is open 24/7.

Solace Fitness focuses on your training journey and wants to create a space where you want to spend your time. As they say:

“It’s not Fitness. It’s Life.”  

Type: Professional gym

More about the gym


The gym is almost fully equipped with Gymleco gym machines and training equipment. For example they have the #082 Belt Squat, #011 Isolateral Pulldown, #326 Standing Pec Fly, #334 Standing Side Lateral, #362 Standing Abductor and #012 Iso Lateral Row. 

Notice also our green artificial grass track in the middle of the room which goes great with the green wall and as a contrast with the black.