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Ultimate Padel / Padel United

Padel United in Sweden has merged with a magnitude of padel halls and during the winter of 2021 there was also a merge between Padel United and Ultimate Padel.

Padel United is driven by the vision “Sweden’s biggest paddle heart”. Today, they have almost 40 padel halls all over Sweden. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of age and experience. A paddle experience for everyone. Gymleco has delivered exercise bikes and other cardio to 11 of their paddle halls.

Type: Other gyms

More about Padel United and Ultimate Padel


Padel United was founded in 2018 by the brothers Markus and Rikard Hellqvist and has since had a clear goal of making padel accessible to everyone.

“After an extensive review of the market for the ultimate warm-up exercise bike for public environments, we landed at Gymleco and their exercise bike. A product with awesome durability and a stylish finish which fills our players’ needs both before and after their matches. With great customer service and support from Isabelle at Gymleco, the whole process went easily and smoothly and in just a few days we had new bikes in all our halls ”– Anton Sjöberg, Establishment Manager

Ultimate paddle in Upplands Väsby opened its doors in 2020. The founders Felix Johansson and Emil Sigvardsson were clear with their vision of creating a paddle hall that had everything and did not compromise on anything. A quality training center where competitions can also be held.

“In short, Ultimate Padel’s vision is to create the ultimate paddle experience. We must be the practitioner’s obvious choice and pave the way for the development of paddle in Sweden, the Nordic countries and Europe.”

The padel hall have several cardio machines from Gymleco such as the popular airbike.