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Vilgot & Sanna

Vilgot and his family had a spare room at home. They chose to invest in a home gym to make everyday life more efficient. The home gym is located on the upper floor of their villa, next  to a spa area with shower and sauna. The gym has large windows facing a balcony, which both provides a lovely light and the opportunity to open up and ventilate.

Here you can find equipment such as Indoor bike, Cable cross, Bench press, Hex dumbbells, Curl bar, Bumper plates and Iron kettlebells.

Type: Home Gym
Size:14 sqm

Vilgot compared several suppliers of gym equipment but chose Gymleco thanks to the stylish black design and quality. Also, he was familiar with Gymleco’s equipment from before and was therefore confident that he was investing in durable commercial products at a reasonable price. Vilgot also says that he was very satisfied with the service and the personal contact he had with one of our salespeople.

Vilgot’s best tips for those who want to invest in a home gym:

  • Think carefully about what you want to be able to train in the gym
  • Plan the area carefully so that you can fit a lot in smaller area
  • Keep a consistent style and color – then it doesn’t feel messy
  • Think about the position of the sun so that you get a lot of light into the gym
  • Choose a room that can be ventilated
  • Use rubber tiles floor – it protects the floor underneath and acts as a sound dampener