Gym owner

Minimise your expenses

With Gymleco you will minimise your costs and avoid headaches over malfunctioning equipment.

Minimal maintenance

Our equipment is sustainable, durable and requires minimal maintenance so that you can keep your gym open longer.

Vast experience

Gymleco have developed gym equipment since 1994. Through our in-house development we are able to offer shorter production and delivery times.

Profitable business

We develop gym equipment dependent on the needs of your business. This to make your business as profitable as possible.

Starting a gym

Competent personell

At Gymleco we both have the competence and experience to guide you through the process of making your idea come to life.

Large assortment

We have a large assortment so that you can make sure that your clients have access to equipment for all muscle groups.

Layout recommendations

We give you recommendations on which machines you should place where. That ensures that more people can use your gym at the same time with a good experience.

Help throughout the process

Contact us at Gymleco for advice, planning, purchases and delivery as well as inauguration of your gym. We can help you throughout the whole process or parts of it.

3D Layouts

Andrea Hedenstedt PT Studio
Hanna Öberg's Home Gym
Roberg Training Club