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The guide to a luxurious home gym: 5 tips on how to create an exclusive gym at home

05 August 2022 11:00 | News

A dream for many is to have their own exclusive gym at home. Social media is full of inspirational pictures of fantastic gyms, but how do you actually build one yourself? We list our 5 top tips on how to get a home gym that breathes luxury and that makes you want to come back every spare moment.



1. Think quality

To create an exclusive feeling in your gym, we recommend first of all to get gym equipment that is of high quality. How do you know if the gym equipment is quality equipment? First it must be made of quality materials, like our gym equipment. We do not use plastic parts or other parts that can fall off, but we only use premium materials such as our weight magazines in nickel-plated steel and our embroidered leather cushions. The training equipment must also be durable. It must be equipment that lasts for many years and also has a second-hand value. It’s worth spending a little extra money to get gym equipment that you can then resell if you sell your accommodation. Buying Gymleco equipment also means that you think about the environment as your investment becomes sustainable. You don’t buy something that breaks immediately and ends up on the tip.


2. Create airy spaces

If you have been inside an exclusive store compared to a discount store, you have seen the difference in the number of items. In a more exclusive store, you want the best products on display with plenty of air around. We recommend that you think the same way when it comes to your gym. Choose the equipment that you will really use and that is nice to show off. For example. so we recommend that you buy a good gym floor so that you protect your floors. High qualitydumbbells that hold and a barbell with weight plates, rack and bench. With that equipment you will go a long way. We at Gymleco have space-efficient gym equipment, which means you can fit more in a smaller area without it feeling overfurnished. In addition to keeping the gym tidy, it is also beneficial because you have room for exercise equipment for all muscle groups. Combi machines are a great tip for this as you get two or more training exercises/muscle groups in the same gym machine.

3. Keep it clean

To take your gym to the next level, we recommend that you set a common thread that permeates the entire design. With our gym equipment that is completely black with straight, stylish lines, you get a coherent, stylish feeling. All our details and logos are in steel, our cushions in black leather and our beams are painted black in environmentally friendly paint. Because everything is uniform, it becomes easy to create an elegant feeling. Then you can have the rest of the interior in black or white, alternatively create contrast with colors on the walls, ceiling, lighting without it being too much.


4. Plan carefully

Congratulations if you are the kind of person who can have everything in your head and then get it out exactly as you imagined. For many of us, this is impossible. Then it helps to get everything down on paper and redo it until it feels absolutely perfect. We at Gymleco help you choose the gym equipment that is best for your needs. We have extensive experience in building all kinds of different gyms, so you can feel safe with us. After the training equipment is selected, we also help you with a 3D layout of how your space can look with our gym equipment. You get a made to scale sketch of what will fit and a video of how it might look. Perfect for avoiding the headache when you realize the ceiling height is too low for a cable cross.


5. Invest in final touches

Flowers in one corner and a pile of freshly washed towels in another? It’s the little things that make the overall impression. We recommend you think about what you like to see when you enter a luxury hotel, spa or conference and copy it. Your gym should feel like your sanctuary where you can both train hard and relax.


If you are interested in creating a luxurious home gym, please contact us at shop@gymleco.se. We help you plan, deliver and install your gym. You get a personal contact with us that you can feel safe with.


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