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Gymleco at FIBO 2024

Gymleco attends FIBO 2024 showcasing innovative gym machines

17 April 2024 11:00 | News

Gymleco flexed its muscles at FIBO 2024, amongst other unveiling the 017 D.Y. Row and new grips on the beloved 321 Seated Wide Chest Press. Gymleco also showcased the new 027 Decline Chest Press and the updated 255 Triceps/Biceps machine in the 248 square meters booth. More than 30 machines were displayed and distributors and customers from all over the world visited Gymleco during the four days in Cologne.

“We’re thrilled by the reception at FIBO 2024,” said Linda Sotkasiira, Head of Marketing at Gymleco. “The response was amazing. Both on the gym machines as well as Gymleco as a brand. We’ve been able to create a strong Gymleco family together and it keeps growing each year. Gymleco will be back next year so stay tuned for more groundbreaking innovations at FIBO 2025!”

Gymleco booth at FIBO 2024 with high quality gym equipment

The booth at FIBO 2024 was 248 square meters big and showcased over 30 gym machines.

Gymleco gym machines at FIBO 2024

Amongst the machines were from the left the 017 D.Y. Row, the 255 Biceps/Triceps machine and the 321 Seated Wide Chest Press machine.

FIBO 2024 crowd around Gymlecos booth

The event had a lot of visitors and the Gymleco booth was busy.

Gymleco Distributor event at FIBO 2024

Gymleco hosted a dinner for its distributors during FIBO. Companies from all over the world attended.

Gymleco Booty Corner at FIBO 2024

Booty Corner is a new concept from Gymleco where you get a package price on 5 leg machines with a special designed sign.

Gymleco team at FIBO 2024

The Gymleco family representing the brand during FIBO 2024.


For more information, visit www.gymleco.com or follow Gymleco on Instagram @gymleco.

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