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At Gymleco you will find exercise bicycles that you can easily and neatly place in your gym. 
Exercise bikes are one of the most popular cardio machines to have in the gym because everyone can use them, they take up little space, are gentle on the body and provide a good cardio workout. 
In our assortment you will find different types of bicycles for cardio training. Both an airbike for your functional box, exercise bikes for the large commercial gym and a recumbent bike for variety in your gym.

Exercise bicycles at the gym
With us at Gymleco, you will find stylish bicycles that keep their appearance over time. With the help of a sturdy construction and high quality material, you can look forward to an exercise bike that will last for many years to come in your gym.
You can adjust the handles in different positions and heights, making the bikes adaptable and usable by all your gym members. The bikes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced cyclists who want to cycle all year round.
Our exercise bicycles are also quiet, due mostly to the silent protective covers. This is great when you have many gym members working out at the same time in the gym and you need to keep the noise level down. With the help of clear displays, you can follow the training session and see everything from speed, heart rate, distance, calorie burn, effect and much more. 
Do you have questions about our bicycles? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will guide you right.