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Gym flooring

Which gym flooring should you choose for your gym?

Gymleco have extensive experience in the gym industry and have therefore broad knowledge of which gym floors are best suited to different types of training facilities.

There are lots of different gym floors and gym mats on the market, which means that it can feel difficult to know which flooring you should choose for your gym area. We help you choose the right one according to your needs!

Rubber Tiles – A shock-absorbing gym floor that absorb the drop of heavy weights. We offer Rubber tiles in various thicknesses and sizes. This makes it easier for you as a gym owner to find the right floor for your premises. Not only do Rubber tiles act as shock absorbers and sound absorbers, but the tiles also protect the underlying floor from wear and tear. In addition, it is very easy to assemble. Requires neither glue nor tape.

Puzzle mat – Is a thinner and lighter floor than Rubber tiles. This gym mat is often used on stretch surfaces where no absorbers is needed, only a soft surface. However, puzzle mats are commonly used where martial arts without throws are practiced.

Artificial grass – We at Gymleco offer both artificial grass as a running mat, but also custom-made carpets adapted to the desired square footage and color. Artificial grass is excellent to use as a running mat. The artificial grass is also perfect for, for example, both rolling tires and pulling sleds on. Artificial grass will also be a nice detail in the gym!

Regupol everroll- The original brand of everroll carpets out on the market. We offer different thicknesses of this superior gym mat. Regupol everroll is used for most surfaces in the gym where no extra absorption is needed. This gym mat is excellent at, for example, the machinepark to protect the underlying floor and also creates a stylish impression in your gym.