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Gymleco expands: opens European warehouse and logistics center of 10,000 m2

27 August 2021 11:00 | News

Gymleco opens warehouse and logistics center and expands its storage capacity by six times. This to accommodate the enormous pressure from Sweden and the rest of Europe.

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Warehouse, logistics center, showroom and production of training equipment

The premises, which are being built according to Gymleco’s needs, will, in addition to warehouses, function as a new logistics center, hold a large showroom, a photo studio, a new office, a production line with powder coating and a production space. Kari Jernvall, founder of Gymleco, explains more:

“We are incredibly happy to be able to make this journey and we want to take the opportunity to thank all our customers and partners who choose us. Without them we could not have done this and we are so incredibly grateful to have such a great community behind us.”

“I agree with Kari. This will be a long-awaited extended arm to our existing operations in Stockholm, where we will have room to really meet the needs of our customers in Sweden as well as expand our operations outwards towards Europe. With this, we will be able to make the growth journey that we are currently stomping on,” continues Monica Sotkasiira, CEO at Gymleco.

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Domestic production of gym equipment

She goes on to explain what the increased production part will mean for the company:

“We believe in investing in our Swedish production as we can see many advantages of having it domestically. Our delivery times will decrease, we will be able to keep prices down and we can make even more special solutions for our customers. We want to continue to maintain control of the entire business so that we ensure that customers get what they expect, i.e. a product of the highest quality.”


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Specially built premises for exercise equipment

The premises are specially built for Gymleco and will be located in Eskilstuna’s award-winning logistics park where large companies such as Amazon, Sportamore and Apoteket have their premises.

“This is completely in line with our sustainability work and environmental thinking. We chose to build the house from scratch so that we can be involved and really make an impact. It will be a modern and sustainable logistics center, designed from an environmental perspective. We also look forward to creating more job opportunities in the municipality and are already looking for new talent.”


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Buy and collect gym equipment on site

The premises will be open to visitors and in addition to gym machines for gym owners, a large part will also be focused on quality equipment for home gyms, a demand that has grown enormously in 2021.

“We will welcome all our customers to buy and pick up their orders on site, just like now. In addition to this, we will invest heavily in a 300 square meter showroom that will have a wide range of our training equipment in a super modern gym.”


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Increased demand for exercise equipment

Recently, Gymleco announced that they will open an office in Marbella thanks to the increasing demand from southern European countries. The warehouse and production in Eskilstuna will ensure that deliveries are faster and smoother to several of these countries.

“We are incredibly grateful for the expansion we have been able to do and look forward to becoming even better suppliers to our customers around Europe. We see this as a big step in a longer future plan. The vision for another big market is already in place, but it is further in the future,” says Monica.

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The warehouse and logistics center in Eskilstuna will be ready Q4 2022. If you want to know more or get in touch with Gymleco, please contact info@gymleco.se.


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