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The entrance of Blackout gym in Portugal

Gymleco machines arriving in Portugal “Gymleco doesn’t follow other brands”

27 October 2023 12:26 | News

We recently shipped the first Gymleco machines to Portugal. They have arrived at both the famous Blvckout gym and the successful gym chain Time to Fitness 24. We took a trip to visit and create content at the gyms while having a chat with the gym owners about how Gymleco has been received in Portugal.


Gymleco is a family business with a vast experience


“I love that Gymleco is a family business. It’s really cool because I think that Gymleco doesn’t follow other brands. It’s very unique and I respect that. We were talking to Kari Jernvall (founder at Gymleco) who has been doing this for so long and as he said the hack squat has been on the market for over 20 years, that’s amazing. I love the machines. They save space. I love the stainless details. I love stainless steel, it’s so underused in the industry, so it’s great to see it on the Gymleco machines,” says Tiago Faria. Owner of the notorious Blvckout Gym in Portugal who recently got a large shipment of Gymleco machines.


Owner of Blackout gym with Linda and Kari at Gymleco

From the left: Linda Sotkasiira, Head of Marketing, Kari Jernvall, Founder at Gymleco and the owner of Blvckout gym Tiago Faria.

Gymleco gym machines at Blackout gym

Gymleco gym machines at Blvckout gym. The 243 Leg Press, 115 T-Bar Row and 082 Belt Squat.


Gymleco machines appreciated in Portugal


“I think Portuguese people are going to love Gymleco. This is a very busy street and during the time we were building the gym a lot of people entered and were introduced to it. The feedback from the people were: oh what cool gym machines. This gives us confidence for the future and we know that we are going to build more and more gyms with Gymleco machines,” says Ricardo Ferreira, Business Developer at Time to Fitness 24, a big gym chain in Portugal that recently opened a new gym fully equipped with Gymleco.


The team at Time to Fitness 24 with the Gymleco team

The team at Time to Fitness 24 with Linda and Kari at Gymleco. To the outmost left is Ricardo Ferreira.

The new Time to Fitness 24 gym in Portugal

Time to Fitness 24 had a grand opening for their new gym where both Kari and Linda participated.

Time to Fitness 24 fully equipped with Gymleco equipment

The new gym in the big gym chain is fully equipped with Gymleco.

Gymleco gym machines at Time to Fitness 24

Gymlecos clean and stylish design fits perfectly into the new Time to Fitness 24 gym.

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