174 Gymleco Brutal Bench

174 Gymleco Brutal Bench

The Gymleco Brutal Bench has recently become very popular at the gyms. It offers really brutal activation of the abdominal muscles, therefore the name Brutal Bench.

This gym gear from Gymleco has been used extensively in the rescue service and in gymnastics. The fire brigade usually carry out tests and competitions in these.

This brutal bench can easily be completed with a dip position, see here or picture two. Picture three shows what it looks like with the dip position installed.



  • Measures:
    L: 75 cm
    W: 50 cm
    H: 160 cm
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Attached to the wall and to the floor.
  • Steps and handles for easy getting in and out of the bench
  • Standard frame color: Black
  • Standard cushion color: Black / Red