211R Gymleco Lateral Pulldown, Rehab

211R Gymleco Lateral Pulldown, Rehab

This is a Gymleco machine that trains back in a pulldown movement. The machine is designed with weight stack and PowerBand which gives you a smooth movement during the whole exercise.

The machine has the same function as our product with art no. 211 but are specially developed for use in wheelchairs as well. The machine is equipped with a flexible sprint that makes it possible to move the seat to the side.

The machine also has an installed chain that allows the pull handle to be reached from a lower level.

Product Documents

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  • Dimensions:
    Length: 124 cm
    Width: 52 cm
    Height: 226 cm
  • Weight: 168,5 kg
  • Weight plate: 100 kg
  • Larger weight stack (optional)
  • Suitable for rehablitation training
  • Stepless setup of the thigh cushion
  • Full range of movement for all body sizes
  • One handle included
  • Standard frame color: black
  • Standard color cushion: black/red