214 Gymleco Lateral Pulldown / Seated Row

214 Gymleco Lateral Pulldown / Seated Row

This exercise machine from Gymleco allows full function for both lats pulldown and seated row exercises without any compromise. It’s very smart to have to great exercises in one machine because thanks to that it saves space to more gym equipment and you can optimize your gym surface.

The seat can be turned forward or backwards depending on the exercise the user wants to perform. Have the seat in front when you train lats (picture 1) and pull it back with the handle when you perform seated row (picture 2)

Weight stack is angled and is positioned at the side of the machine for easy access to easily set the desired weight.

Gymleco machines are always designed for the commercial gyms and therefore resist heavy strength training year after year. The classic look makes the machines timeless.

Product Documents


  • Dimensions:
    Length 112 cm
    Width 141 – 212 cm
    Height 223 cm
  • Weight: 168,5kg
  • Weight stack: 100 kg
  • Larger weight stack (optional)
  • Stepless adjustment of the thigh pad
  • Full range of movement for all body size
  • Two pull handles included
  • Standard frame color: black
  • Standard color cushion: black / red