410 Gymleco International Basic Bar 20 kg

410 Gymleco International Basic Bar 20 kg

This quality barbell is one of Gymleco’s best-selling products. This may be because the barbell is one of the most affordable quality bars on the market.

Take the opportunity to equip your gym and home gym with a really commercial Gymleco barbell. It fits perfectly in all gym environments, large and small.

For those of you with a home gym and a business gym, invest in Gymleco’s Basic barbell that you will never have to replace.

Are you looking for a similar barbell but with a few more unique specifications, check out this barbell.

See specifications below.



Length: 220 cm                           Grip Width: 131 cm

Weight: 20 kg                              Sleeve diameter: 50 mm

Grip: 28 mm                                Surface: Hard Chrome

Capacity: +320 kg                       Double Grip

Loadable Sleeve: 433 mm         Polymer Bushing