601 Gymleco Wallmounted Rig

601 Gymleco Wallmounted Rig

This wallmounted Gymleco rig, or so-called training station for functional fitness, is a steady and stable rig for all gym environments. It is multifunctional with the possibility of many different training exercises such as squats and chins. The rig is designed and made in Sweden by Gymleco and is therefore created with quality materials.

We can also offer treatment of the rig with blasting before powder coating. This gives the rig extra surface protection if, for example, it is to be outdoors.

The rig is attached to the wall and has a number of extensions that you can add on as well as various options for building the rig bigger. See pictures 2 and 3 for suggestions on how you can build on your own rig.

Feel free to contact us to consult in how you can build your Gymleco rig to fit your space and fulfill your vision. 


  • Base measurements:
    Width: 110 cm on the inside and 122 cm on the outside
    Depth: 92 cm (without bar hangers)
    Height: 241 cm
  • 2 pc bar hangers are included
  • Chins bar at 33,7 mm in diameter included
  • IMPORTANT: Image 2 shows how you can build on the rack with additional parts:
    Weight holder, pair with 4 + 4 weight places
    Security console
    Chin railing in length 1300 mm
  • Made in Sweden
  • IMPORTANT: Image 3 shows how you can build out the rig with two section with a chinbar at 130 cm between
  • A lot of solutions are possible with this rack, please contact us for more info