614 Gymleco Monkey Bar Rig

614 Gymleco Monkey Bar Rig

Gymleco has designed and manufactured training stations for functional and strength training for many years. In recent years, it has become more popular to offer a multistation for free weight training in gyms, in addition to the traditional gym machines and cardio machines.

As usual for Gymleco’s gym equipment, this training station, so-called Monkey Bar Rig, is elegant, timelessly designed and in a compact size so as not to take up too much space in the gym. It also makes this Monkey Bar Rig easy to place in most gyms regardless of size.

The purpose of a Monkey Bar Rig is to, among other things, practice grip strength by getting from one side to the other hanging with your hands. But the stand also provides the opportunity for hanging a punching bag and chin railing, which provides more training opportunities. In addition, it is good to hang TRX on the rig.

If the rig is to be placed outdoors, we can offer treatment with blasting before powder coating for extra surface protection.

Contact a salesman from Gymleco to go through your conditions on the gym and in what format you would like to see the rig in. We design and manufacture ourselves and can thus also create something that is not in the picture.


  • Basic dimensions without options:
    Length: 410 cm
    Width: 170 cm
    Height: 229 cm

  • Independent, does not need to be supported

  • Robust and qualitative position

  • Possibility of options, such as a Chin Rack and hanging of a punching bag

  • Suitable for hanging TRX

  • Made in Sweden