LTX200 Gymleco Commercial Treadmill, with self-lubrication

LTX200 Gymleco Commercial Treadmill, with self-lubrication

A powerful Gymleco treadmill for commercial use. Safe, stable and reliable which allows heavy usage.

Self-lubricating deck and running platform makes the maintenance easy. The treadmill has a unique impact absorbing system and is one of the better machines on the market when it comes to the feeling and response when you run.

A power machine for a good price. The treadmill also has an aluminium frame which keeps it looking good, year after year.

Clean dust and dirt on both the inside and outside. Lubricate the mat continuously with silicon spray. Clean with gentle detergent.

Check that the belt runs smoothly, cannot come in contact with the silicon spray.


  • Measures:
    Length: 220 cm
    Width: 100 cm
  • Running surface: 162 x 58 cm
  • Machine weight: 220 kg
  • Quiet fan that gives a cool breeze
  • Self-lubricating tape
  • Roll / roller diameter: 100 mm
  • USB (MP3)
  • Engine 5.3 HP
  • Speed: 1-25 km / h
  • Incline: 0-18%
  • Speed ​​dial for speed and incline
  • Unlimited user weight