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Home gym in portugal by Gymleco

Kristin & Charlie Edwards

Kristin and Charlie Edwards have their dream home gym built in their guest house in Algarve, Portugal. Charlie, from the UK, is a professional boxer with multiple flyweight titles. Kristin, from Sweden, has a long track record in fitness both competing and being a personal trainer and a dietitian. Since she moved to Portugal, and became a mother, Kristin is running her own business. Follow her on Instagram to see the latest from Portugal.

Location:Algarve / Portugal
Type: Home Gym
Size:80 sqm

More about the gym

This home gym is 80 sqm and contains equipment for several different types of workouts. The gym has a surface intended for functional training, a surface for cardio and a space for barbells, racks and cablecross. The gym also has a boxing area for Charlie to train.

The gym is open, light and has a modern interior in black and white which makes Gymleco’s gym equipment fit in perfectly.