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MFitness, Falkenberg

In 2021, MFitness was opened in Falkenberg next to Skrea Strand. A large family-owned gym of 1,638 square meters with everything from group training, gym, functional training and strongman.

The gym has a modern and bright interior that gives a fresh and airy feeling. Their members are offered everything from group training to traditional strength training and HIIT sessions. At MFitness there is a place for everyone interested in training.

MFitness cares about its members and their health. They offer gym school to teenagers to spread knowledge and exercise joy across generations. Young, old, beginners and experienced athletes: here you can find the joy of training under one roof.

Type: Professional gym
Size:1638 sqm

More about the gym

The gym is fully equipped with machines and equipment from Gymleco. Their most popular gym machine is our Seated chest press #321. Many of their members use it extensively.

“With us at MFitness, you can train in a normal decent gym, everything from machines to free weights. Here there are several squat racks where you can do squats, deadlifts etc. We have a large area for functional training, strongman and group training. Quite simply a complete training facility.” – Marcus Sandberg, one of the owners of MFitness.