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Modified Fitness cetrified Gymleco gym in the UK

Modified Fitness

Introducing Modified Fitness, an independent and cutting-edge super-gym that boasts top-of-the-line equipment. Within their expansive 10,500 square feet dedicated space, they have meticulously crafted a specialized gym. Curated by individuals with firsthand experience, incorporating everything they’ve ever desired in a gym.

Backed by a team of approachable personal trainers and expert coaches, Modified Fitness has established a fitness sanctuary that caters to individuals of all backgrounds. Their inclusive environment offers designated areas for various fitness disciplines. Including cardio, functional movements, bodybuilding, aesthetics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and more.

Type: Professional gym
Size:Over 1000 sqm
Gymleco products:15+ Gymleco machines

Gymleco gym equipment at Modified fitness


Modified Fitness has a modern, clean and stylish design that works great with our products. They have over 15+ gym machines in the gym and are continously investing in more Gymleco products due to the small footprint and the great response from the gym members.

“Every time we go to the UK supplier and their showrom you try something new and think I need that, I need that, I need that. You think about what you’ve alreday got and then you think: this is better than that.” Olly, owner at Modified Fitness.

They have many of our popular gym machines in the gym. For example: lateral pulldown (art.nr. 211), seated row (art.nr. 210), leg extension (art.nr.it 340) and adductor/abductor (art.nr. 364)