215 Gymleco Four Station Multigym

215 Gymleco Four Station Multigym

Gymlecos Fourstation Multigym is a exercise station which is very practical for your gym. Train the whole body in the most effective way with this station without taking too much place.

Optimizing your gym by collecting all the pulleys in just one small area of the room is what we recommend. Combined here are lats, seated rowing, cross pull and triceps/biceps.

This Gymleco multi jungle station can be favourably complemented by our cable cross (see no. 215K) to optimize functionality.

Gymleco’s Multigyms are designed for the commercial gyms and can therefore resist heavy strength training year after year. Classic and beautiful design makes the exercise stations timeless at the gym.

Product Documents


  • Dimensions:
    Length 323 cm
    Width 53 cm
    Height 235.5 cm
  • Weight: 545 kg
  • Weight stacks:
    Triceps: 60 kg
    Crossover 60 kg
    Lats: 100 kg
    Row: 100 kg
  • Larger weight stack (optional)
  • Four pull handles included
  • Standard frame color: black
  • Standard color cushion: black/red