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215DK Multi Gym/8-Station with Cable Cross

215DK Multi Gym/8-Station with Cable Cross

Art.nr: 215DK

Gymleco’s multi gym/8-station of highest quality with steel weight stacks and the patented PowerBand™. This beautiful multi-functional gym machine is essential for any larger commercial gym.

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Technical specifications & Documents

Tekniska specifikationer & dokument

Cable stations

8 tower






323 cm


235,5 cm


1227 kg

Weight stack cable cross

60 kg x2

Weight stack row

100 kg x2

Weight stack lats

100 kg x2

Weight stack pulley

100 kg x2

Exercise types

Strength training

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More about the multi gym

Good looking, space-saving and functional training station with both lat and row on each side. There are two adjustable pull trays per side that can be used for a lot such as biceps and triceps exercises or as a complete crossover to use in for example chest exercises.

With this station you increase the capacity of the training facility since you can have more members training at the same time. Not only is it appreciated by your members but also a nice center piece for your space.


Special features


This is a multifunctional workout station that is suitable for everyone including rehabilitation. The PowerBands™ that go over the wheels with double ball bearings provide extremely smooth and ergonomically correct movement. The low-placed weight stacks on the cable cross provide a large range of motion so that, for example, all chest, back, arm and shoulder exercises can be performed freely.



Included with the machine and possible add-ons


You get 8 handles included with the machine and you can always buy more from Gymleco’s big assortment. A chin rack (110K) can be added on the middle beam at two different heights. The weight stacks have 100 kg each and it is possible to add weight if that is needed in your gym. You can order the eight station to be mounted reversed if you need the rows to be in the opposite direction. Please contact us if you want any of these additions.


Important information


The machine must be attached to the floor or supported in another way.

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