225 Gymleco Cable Crossover Multigym

225 Gymleco Cable Crossover Multigym

This is a traditional gym machine at all gyms, truly a must-have! Gymleco’s Cable Crossover is multigym station where you can train the whole body at one spot. Just change the exercise handles as you wish. Two are included.

The crossover pulley has all the features needed for efficient training at the gym. Equipped with the height adjustable pulleys and designed in a compact design so that you can fit more gym equipment at your gym and optimize your surface.

The low-set weight stack gives a much greater range of motion so that all chest and shoulder exercises can be performed freely.

The machine is a various training equipment that is also suitable for rehabilitation. The straps that go over the double ball bearing wheel give an extremely light smooth movement.

To save further space, you can add a chin-up bar (article no. 110k, see picture).

The machine must be attached to the floor or supported in another way.

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  • Dimensions:
    L: 308 cm
    W: 58 cm
    H: 225 cm
  • Weight: 258 kg
  • Weight stack: 60 kg x 2
  • Tighter increments of weight stack (optional).
  • Larger weight stack (option).
  • Low start-up loading.
  • PowerBand for reduced friction.
  • Height adjustable pulleys
  • Two pull handles included.
  • 110K can be added
  • Standard frame color: black