314 Gymleco Chins / Dips

314 Gymleco Chins / Dips

Gymleco machine that trains both chins and dips with optional / counterweight. An extremely smooth and easy-to-handle multi-machine with weight magazine for counterweight adjustment.

With this training machine, everything from proper beginners to advanced can get the most out of their training, as the well-weighted weight magazine allows adjustments in counterbalance for all grades of starting strength and needs.

A very smooth movement, thanks to its levered construction. You are comfortably supported under the knees below the seat, making the exercise very stable. A perfect movement leading to a full contraction of the back and the triceps muscles.

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  • Dimensions:
    Length 126 cm
    Width 120 cm
    Height 200 cm
  • Weight: 226 kg
    Weight stack: 100 kg
    (Larger weight stack optional)
  • Standard frame color: black
  • Standard cushion color: black/red