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a50 showroom for Gymleco's gym equipment and gym machines in the UK

A50 Showroom

A50 is the official Gymleco distributor in the UK. They have worked with us at Gymleco since 2021 and have sold to multiple gyms all through the country. The showroom is built inside their new warehouse and offices in Stoke-On-Trent and is open to the public.

If you are based in the UK and want to try out Gymleco’s training equipment don’t hesitate to contact them. The adress is Paragon Rd, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 1NR and you can find the contact info to A50 on our contact page.

Type: Corporate Gym
Size:84 sqm
Gymleco products:10+

The A50 showroom was built as a separate room inside the warehouse and is 6×14 meters. Alltough limited in space it showcases many Gymleco machines and functional equipment. Which is possible due to the compact design of all our strength training machines and exercise racks. For example they showcase the Pendulum Squat, Multi smith machine, Treadmill, Kickback machine, Deadlift machine and Seal row bench. However since it’s a showroom the exercise machines are constantly switched out to highlight what is big on the market and what most people want to try out.


Why A50 build a Gymleco showroom


There are many reasons why A50 decided to open a showroom. First and foremost it’s to have a space in their HQ where their customers can actually try out the fitness euipment and fall in love with the natural movement. Second the team at A50 plans to have open days for their partners such as Modified Fitness gym and their members. A great way to get the brand even more visability. Third reason is to let the staff use it and train in it. A great way to make sure that the staff keeps active and healthy. Last but not least they will invite ambassadors to workout at the gym and take content of the training equipment.