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EmpowHER is Sleaford, UK’s first ladies only exclusive fitness boutique gym. Opened in 2023 it is a mix between a pt studio and a boutique gym where the ethos is to encourage all women to come and workout. No matter your training experience, body shape or age.

“Our gym will become your little piece of heaven! A place where you can let go of yourselves. Surrounded by natural wood, plants and state of the art gym equipment from Gymleco together with the buzz of the music and the friendly instructors  – you will leave feeling EmpowHER’d every time!”

Type: Boutique gym, PT-Studio
Gymleco products:10+

EmpowHER is split into two parts. One gym and one studio. The gym is equipped solely with a variety of Gymleco machines. So that the gym members can do a full body exercise or focus on certain muscle groups.

The gym owners chose selectorized machines for their gym. For example the Gymleco machines 280 smith machine, 330 shoulder press, 321 wide chest press, 349 leg extension/leg curl, 364 adductor/abductor, 343 leg press and many more strength training machines.

The gym looks great due to a number of design choices. First the Gymleco black steel frames looks amazing together with the brick walls. Creating a modern and nice looking gym design. Second the gym has large windows to let the natural day light in. Lastly the space feels airy though it’s a smaller boutique gym. This due to the fact that we at Gymleco offers compact gym machines with a small footprint.

If you have a similar space such as EmpowHER gym we at Gymleco are happy to help you with planning which training equipment you should have. We offer complimentary 3D layouts so that you can envision how the gym will look. Moreover we have a vast experience of the gym business so we are happy to guide when you want to build your gym.