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Jungle of gains

Jungle of Gains

The gym is about 280 sqm big. Here everyone is welcome into the family atmosphere. A gym with carefully selected equipment that wants to spread the joy of exercise and fitness.

“We create a family atmosphere so everyone can consider the gym as their second home. We want to spread out the passion for fitness and to create an environment where people can help each other out. All of this in a jungle themed gym” – Nico Dewit, gym owner

Location:Glabbek / Belgium
Type: Boutique gym, PT-Studio
Size:280 sqm

More about the gym

Jungle of Gains focuses on personal training with one and one sessions as well as having supervised open gym sessions. The interior has a jungle theme with leaves stretching over the walls and pillars.

The gym has a large selection of gym machines from Gymleco for example: Seated Abdominal #070, Iso Lateral Bicep machine #050, Dip Press #055, Shoulder Press #030 and Side Lateral #334.